• S.O.U.N.D.
  • John "Soap" McTavish
  • John Price
  • Sgt. Ex
  • Rex Harris
  • Gorilla
  • Shadow
  • Rangers
  • James Ramirez
  • Jake Dunn
  • Frank Silva
  • Ultranationalists
  • Imran Zakhaev
  • Viktor Zakhaev
  • Dr. Ivan Sirdorson
  • Shadow Company
  • Colonel Thomas Shepherd
  • Lieutenant General Shepherd


2018. Russian Ultranationalists and Shadow Company have together built a time-machine. They travel back in time to 2011 and prevent Imran Zakhaev from being killed, changing the course of history forever... General Shepherd is also not killed and is promoted to General of Earth, meaning he can control all of Earth's armies excluding USA and UK. As a result, World War III starts and the world starts being destroyed. S.O.U.N.D. start travelling all over Earth in desperate attempts to end the Third World War...


Act IEdit

  • Hijack - Prevent a bomb going off in a train going to London.
  • The Big Dogs - Evacuate the Governor of Texas.
  • Changing History - Gather info on the Ultranationalist's and Shadow Company's Time Travel activity's.
  • Meeting New Friends - Rescue the unknown prisoner 225.
  • It Gets Harder Every Day - Travel back to 2011 and assasinate Dr. Ivan Sirdorson before he invents Time Travel.

Act IIEdit

  • Hang On - Assault Las Vegas.
  • Pacific Assault - Retake Sacremento, California and defend it.

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