Frank Silva is a playable character and main protaganist in the Rangers campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Frank Silva
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title El Tornado
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction U.S. Army Rangers
Health 100%
Level Las Vegas
Status Fighting
Location Las Vegas

Early LifeEdit

Frank Silva was born on May 23 1992 in Madrid, Spain with an American father and a Spanish mother, having a Spanish-American heritage. He joined the Spanish Army at the age of 17. He took part in the War in Afghanistan as an American reserve. At 20 years old in Helmand, Silva got shot in the back twice and in the skull once. He was sent to hospital for skull surgery and spine surgery. His body was fixed and then returned to Afghanistan for 1 more year. He took part in Operation Red Dagger, Panther's Claw and Moshtarak. He then left and joined the US Army Rangers at age 27, a grizzled veteran of Afghanistan. He took part in the Russo-American War in Florida, Miami, New York, Washington, California and San Francisco.

The 2nd Russo-American WarEdit

After America won back their country in 2017, Russia planned to invade again with a much stronger force. Silva, Dunn and Ramirez, still saddened by the death of Foley in California, are placed in Texas to patrol along the streets. Once they are, the Russian invasion force arrives and starts killing soldiers and destroying the land.

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