Give a very good reason for becoming an administrator or bureuacrat.

Requirments for AdminshipEdit

Here is a set of requirements for your request to appear:

  • Been here for around a month
  • Edited for 500 times
  • Be mature
  • Don't start any arguments like previous flame wars.
  • Be known by the wiki.

Vote TilesEdit

Not just Support and Oppose are used in RFAs. Here is a list of tiles used:

  • Support - A positive vote.
  • Strong Support - A very positive vote.
  • Weak Support - A positive vote, that the user is bound to change.

  • Neutral - A vote saying that the user is unsure about the user becoming an admin or 'crat.
  • Neutral, leaning towards Oppose - A neutral vote, but closer to Oppose than Support.
  • Neutral, leaning towards Support - A neutal vote, but closer to Support than Oppose.

  • Oppose - A negative vote.
  • Pending - Vote not decided yet.
  • Comment - A comment.
  • Not yet - A negative vote saying that the user should have a bit more standards.
  • Question - A question.


If you feel you are up for the job, make a subsection for your request beneath this line.

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